Hospital Management System

#1 Software for Multi Speciality Clinic

  • Integrated Software for Multiple Divisions
    All modules are inter connected to handle from single dashboard
  • Manage from anywhere in the world
    Access data from multiple devices like tablets/laptops/phones.
  • Work as Offline and Online
    No internet is required to run software in the hospital
  • Whatsapp API Integrated
    Reports, Prescription, Xray etc to patients mobile

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User Friendly Design

Attractive, Very simple to use interfaces are used to work very easy to anyone who don't have any computer knowledge.

Fully Electronic Records

All Patients data are storing in digital format including, Medical History, Prescription, Medicines issued, Lab and Radiology etc.

Cloud Enabled System

PulseSuit Pro is fully cloud enabled. Even it is designed to work offline even if the internet is down. Data will synchronize when internet up.

Low & Affordable Cost

The prices are highly competitive. You can manage your Clinic easy at very low price than you can imagine. EMI payments also available.

Modules (Departments)

PulseSuit Pro includes ready to use modules for following departments. All these are inter related and privileged users can access these within single dashboard







IP & Casualty






Nursing Station





View our feature list to check how PulseSuit Pro differ from all other clinical softwares

✔ Online/Offline booking with e-payment
✔ Patient Registration, Booking, Enquiries with SMS/Whatsapp
✔ Direct, Online, Phone Booking
✔ Print PVC Patient (OP) Card
✔ PVC ID card for Medical Rep/Executive
✔ Real-time Queue Monitoring for each doctors
✔ Queue monitor for Patients (on LED Monitor/TV)
✔ Barcode and QR Code enabled
✔ Multi-criteria search for registered/booked patients
✔ SMS Reminders to notify patients about cancellation & delays
✔ View diagnosis charges like Laboratiory, Scanning, Procedures

✔ Easy consultation
✔ System Enabled Consultation & Customized Prescription
✔ Pre-setted Prescription based on Disease
✔ Copy medicines/prescription from other Prescriptions
✔ Set default dosage for medicine
✔ See medicine stock at the time of Consultation
✔ Quick Dashboard for old prescriptions, Diagnosis
✔ Quick DICOM dashboard for XRay and Radiology
✔ View and Compare Lab Reports (Any date)
✔ Take photos and Compare the progress
✔ Queue Monitor - Doctor can monitor the waiting queue
✔ Pre-setted & Editable Reference templates
✔ X-Ray QR Code in Prescription
✔ Pre-setted & Editable Reference templates

✔ Quick Billing. Minimized staff's task
✔ Prescription-Pharmacy automated system
✔ Automatic quantify calculation
✔ Don't carry prescription for purchase (any date)
✔ Can use Ipad/Tablet for pharmacy assistant
✔ No medicine substitution (option by doctor)
✔ Collect previous dues/over collected automatic
✔ SMS & Email Medicine order to Supplier
✔ Daily reminder for shortage & High demand medicines.
✔ GST Enabled. GST reports to Excel
✔ Ready to import Medicines with HSN code and GST rate

✔ Zero loss to Management (Add bill-Enter Result option only)
✔ Very easy/1-10 Seconds results entry
✔ Ipad/Tablet for Result entry & Print
✔ Result Ratios added automatic
✔ Highlighted over/below range Results
✔ Instant result to Doctor dashboard
✔ Instant result to Patients Mobile
✔ Status check for Collection, Result Entered, Printed
✔ One click Report to WhatsApp
✔ One click Report to Emails
✔ Setup Lab test for Health Package Plans

✔ Attach digital X-Ray/ECG images to patient page
✔ Support DICOM images
✔ Instant result to Doctor dashboard
✔ Instant Xray image to patients mobile
✔ XRay QR Code in Prescription
✔ Import data/results from multiple devices
✔ Import/Attach Ultrasound scan data/results
✔ Hair Scanning for Dermatology
✔ One click Report to WhatsApp
✔ One click Report to Emails

✔ Frequent update of Patient diagnosis data etc.
✔ Access from Tablet, Ipad, Mobile, Laptop etc.
✔ View/Search Patients in Observation/Casualty/IP
✔ View Prescription and Diagnosis referred
✔ Update procedures given on round
✔ View pending procedures
✔ Update doctor visit
✔ Update procedures done (modules for Dermatology)

✔ Set Floor, Room Type, Room Number, Rates etc
✔ Set Room under maintenance etc
✔ Easy Room Allocation.
✔ Shift Rooms
✔ Quick room status
✔ Auto calculation of Discharge Bill
✔ Easy Discharge Summary

✔ Easy generation of reports, daily, monthly, yearly, or by date
✔ Doctor wise income by all/division wise like Pharmacy, Consulting fee, Procedures, Radiology etc.
✔ Salary advance and Payments
✔ General Expenses and Income
✔ Income and Profit Statement
✔ GST, Kerala Flood Cess Enabled. GST reports to Excel. Login for tax consultant
✔ Patients credit management
✔ Voucher Printing
✔ SMS daily collection to mobile numbers

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